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The site's introduction

Hello dear visitor and welcome to my general personal website. My name is Tadej (and my surname Persic) and this is a some sort of navigational website, which basically just links to and describes my other websites and blogs (so there is no duplicate content), with the exception of page "my projects", which similarly to "projects" page on my main computing related website, lists various distributed computing projects that I participate in. The site is maintained/updated only by its author (read the page "about me" for more about me), and is licensed by Creative Commons license. The emphasis is on the website's content (and not the outlook; so you won't find any "fancy" code in it etc.) since I've tried to make it as simple and as fast-loading as possible. Also you may notice that I don't use underlying for normal words (i.e. not links) to prevent the confusion and to follow the web standards. You can see the old blue coloured website design by clicking here.

Further, I guarantee that there are no malicious scripts (or other malicious data) hidden inside the website's source, while also note that at the moment there are no files available for download on this website, however, this might (or might not) change in the future since like almost every other website on the Internet, this one is also always under construction, although its basic form is a common static website. But in any case, the author of the website (once again, that's me) cannot be held responsible for any damage (be it a direct or consequential one) to software, hardware or loss of data, resulting from the attempts to follow directions on this website (and on the other websites/blogs that are linked herein), or in other words, please use the provided info at your very own risk. Also, this website has links to third party websites, but note that the content, activities, links, and privacy practices on these websites are not under my control. And of course, all the registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Finally, note that my opinions and views on this website (and on my other websites/blogs linked on it) are strictly personal and of my own, therefore please do not attack me for sharing them because I certainly didn't ask anyone to visit my website and read through its pages; I am not referring here to opinions that belong to other individuals/entities where so specified. For more about this "legal stuff", please check out the "disclaimer", "copyright", and "site policy" pages. Well, although it's true that this particular website that you're reading right now is not about such "controversial" subjects (as mentioned, it's only a navigational website that describes and links to my other websites and blogs) as my main computing related website is (for the link see page "my websites" on this same website), this note still applies to it, therefore I've added it to this very first website's page/document anyway.

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