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    My Websites

My two main websites

All in all I have two websites (beside this one on which you are right now), one being strictly computing related, and the other one strictly non-computing related. The first one is titled Tadej's computing homepage (here are also links to page intro, and page sitemap), and the second one is titled Clarinet informational website (here are also links to page initial, and page sitemap); the first one contains my numerous computing related discoveries and describes my experiences with hard-core tinkering with my PC and it basically exists only so that all the ideas that I have (and all the interesting things that I discover regarding my computer or on the Internet) wouldn't go into the "oblivion" by not writing them down. It's online somehow from the beginning of the year 2003 and exist in many forms (see below) on various free-hosts. The second one is more or less just a sort of a "niche" project, and it's online from the middle of the year 2006. While this website is now a third main website, and it was created (and put online) in the year 2007.

Both websites linked above are written in valid XHTML and CSS completely by myself, and are edited/updated with JGsoft's EditPad Lite program by me only (mostly "typed-by-hands" and with a bit of copy/paste in some of the JavaSript's cases), i.e. I just want to say that they are certainly not built on pre-made templates, or even worse, made with "WYSIWYG" type of program. I did it like that mostly because I wanted to know enough of these web-coding computer languages to write my own website, while an interesting fact is that I've learned most of this web-coding related stuff by viewing the source-code of the others sites, reading articles and tutorials, and posting on various discussion-boards; in fact, I learn so many new things each day, that on each website's update-schedule I make numerous major and minor revisions to the website's source-code.

As mentioned, there are a few more variants of these two websites (all are hosted on free-hosts), but I don't maintain those anymore. Some of them screwed the W3C-valid syntax, some hosts didn't support so-called "remote linking", however most of the images, scripts, and other external/support files (that are referred to from all the variants) are still hosted on my main dial-up ISP. One reason for this is to save some server hard-disk's space (and a few HTTP requests), and the other is to have only one copy of a respective object in my browser's cache. So with all these variants of the same website I thought: why to delete them, because let's say that I die in the near future (or something else happens to me, e.g. I loose the Internet access, or my hard-disk gets corrupted), this way I am assuring that they'll be hosted as long as possible, while I've used many of these links in my sigs on forums/blogs.

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