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02.10.2008 ... And yet one more time, there are no changes made to the website since the last news-entry from 09.09.2008, but I am writing a new one anyway just to let you know that, as first, Google's crawlers have no problem anymore with "sitemap.xml" files on all my websites hosted on 50webs free-host, as I wrote in the entry on 17.08.2008 on the news old 1 page. While secondly, I am also letting you know that I posted a new blog-entry on my tayiper's blog "ad revenue sharing" blog after a long time (almost after a full year) that I entitled 67. Hello all after almost one year (29.09.2008), and of course, I've posted no less than seven blog-entries in the mean time on my main slovenian blog (for its link see the previous news-entry), while the Uporaba pomisljaja in podcrtaja v URL-jih one from 17th September is especially worth mentioning since it deals with webcoding related stuff.

09.09.2008 ... I must confess that for this website's update there was no "real" reason for doing it (i.e. for updating it) since my "Add-Set.txt" to-do file was more or less empty, and certainly there was even less reason for writing this news-entry. I mean I've done it (again, updated the site) mainly because of the fact that I haven't done it for a bit less than one whole month, while Google (or its bots/spiders/crawlers) likes to "see" sites being updated at least relatively (which means more often than I am doing it) regularly. So once again I will mention what (mostly in regards to Internet) I have been doing during this time; as first, I updated my main computing related Tadej's computing homepage website on 02.09.2008 after a long time, then I've posted quite a few blog entries on my main Tadej: spletne objave slovenian blog, and I've posted a few posts on Ars OpenForum forum too.

17.08.2008 ... This time it was the "search" page (well, and the contact one too) that made me think of updating the website in the first place; namely I've decided to remove the "bar" of buttons from the top of them since I realized it isn't that necessary, and additionally I added the link to the said "search" page also under the "sitemap" link in the left-floated box. And during the process I also changed <div class="wrap"> into <div id="wrap"> (and of course "div.wrap" into "div#wrap" in the .css file too), and made a few other changes that are otherwise invisible, i.e. these are the changes only in the code. And finally, I totally forgot to mention in the previous news-entry from 09.08.2008 (see the news old 1 page) that Google Sitemaps has problems lately with finding the "sitemap.xml" file (and therefore indexing the pages) on all my websites hosted on 50webs free-host.

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