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    About Me

General info about me

My picture from 1 or 2 years ago

Since every personal website has to have a biographical, and a sort of a self-promoting page dedicated to website's author, I will make no exception. So here it goes: my full name is Tadej Persic (or to be precise Tadej Peršič), I am a 30 years old, born on 13th of July, 1980 in a small green town Ljubljana (where I still live), which is a capital of Slovenia, middle/south Europe. For even more information about me, please visit the page "about" on my main computing related website, and for more pictures of me the Blog: jest itd. page on my slovenian blog. If you want to, you can contact me through the "Contact Form" (the link is right below the "Copyright" note), however, note that it might not work at the moment so try e-mailing me directly, or be so kind to sign my Guestbook at Bravenet hosting website.

Then further a few more words about me and my hobbies etc. I am a sort of a person who generally tries to be an open-minded person, a guy who also very much likes to walk, stalk, sleep, listen to music, watch various movies and series, while South Park, The Simpsons, Dilbert, Futurama, Babylon 5, and Star Trek are my favorites at the moment. Then I also love to browse World Wide Web (especially the news and techy sites, message-boards etc.), then listen to Alex Jones's show about conspiracy theories and stuff (hehe), and have politics and philosophy as my main life hobbies. While otherwise I like fairy tales, mystics, then I like going to nature, meeting with my friends, going to rave/reggae parties, enjoying my home-town and coast in summer here in Slovenia and do other common things.

My personal philosophy is lately a some sort of a pacifism, so I am enthusiastically trying to live by these two principles. I am a free-spirited person and I see myself as a critical thinker and rationalist. I've become a self-taught computing geek (a very keen amateur) in approximately four years more or less via "trial and error". Until 2011 I had no "official" computing knowledge, in other words, I was just a self-proclaimed computing expert. Though later I switched the study to IT field and became an engineer of informatics on November 24, 2015. Otherwise I am an ex student of Architecture (I did study it for about two years and a half, but then I quit trying to pass statics and mathematics, to be more specific) at the University in Ljubljana.

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