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As mentioned elsewhere on the website, this website has now become my main general personal site that mostly lists links to my other websites and blogs and describes them, but you can also find some basic info about me (not really that interesting, just a few facts); for those other websites of mine see the page "my websites" on this very same site. As you can see, the website obviously does not contain any pop-ups or banner-ads etc. Then further, same as in cases of all of my various other websites, this website is too more or less "crafted-by-hand", and was not made with the use of pre-built templates or even worse, written with "make-your-webpage-in-5-minutes" (as I call them) type of programs.

Then as second thing note that the website is completely "CSS-based". With this I mean that as an addition to using an "external" .css file (which also reduces the number of required HTTP requests) instead of "inline" and "internal" styling, I use a purely "CSS-based" layout instead of "table-based" one. And this is also clever because as you probably already know, in general, styling with the use of CSS separates the content from the style, or layout from behavior and presentation. But back then I did have quite a few problems with the syntax when trying to make my other websites completely "CSS-based" (see the "30.5.2005" events-entry on the "events2" page on my main computing related website); it seem to me that some of these purely "CSS-based" websites (the ones written in a standard "Three Column Layout"), are just written in a way, that the boxes go nicely one beneath another nomather how far the window is shrinked horizontally, i.e. that's when the scroll appears on the bottom of a browser's window.

And beside being "CSS-based" it is also valid by web standards; for more about all this visit for example the World Wide Web Consortium portal (and while you're there see also the About W3C page), the The Web Standards Project website (there you can check also the Mission page), the Web Standards page on website "w3schools", and Web standards page on "Wikipedia" encyclopedia. And finally, also note that this particular site was for quite a white in a "not-yet-finished" state. Namely, I yet needed to choose the type and colour of background and colours of links (i.e. "visited", "hover", "active"), a "favicon.ico" file to use on all the pages etc. Then later I also changed the colour of Google AdSense ads' background and border from white to blue because of the site's own background colour, but afterward I changed that one too, therefore I changed the ads' background yet one more time.

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