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    The News

The various related news...

09.01.2015 ... Wow, more than five years have passed by since my last news entry. In the mean time I finally graduated on November 24, 2015 on ŠC Kranj college. So now my official title is "engineer of informatics", and I have one degree of education higher than before. Similarly to my blog entry with links to all my seminar papers on Dropbox, I'll also post two links also here. As first the shortened links to my diploma work: and its presentation: on Dropbox, and diploma work:ščita and its presentation:ščita-prezentacija on Scribd.

03.08.2010 ... As a result of me starting to use a 19 inch (effectively only 17,5 inch though) CRT monitor at 1600 x 1200 screen-resolution (yes I know, an outdated technology, but higher resolution is just awesome), compare to the 17 inch LCD monitor that I was using before at 1280 x 1024 px, I've decided to update the website accordingly (i.e. to optimize it for it), same as I did in case of my personal user-page: User:Wayfarer on English variant of Wikipedia. While otherwise I'm letting you know that I will be very occupied this month (i.e. August) since I need to learn the C# programming language in less than a month (as part of subject Programming 1 of the 1st year of Informatics); you see, although only 45 CPs (CP means "credit points") from 65 CPs in total are required, and I already have 53 CPs, I'll need to some "homework" to be able to advance to the 2nd grade.

07.04.2010 ... Two months have passed since my last website update and the reason (beside the one mentioned in the news-entry dated 02.02.2010 on last/previous page) is that for three months, that's from Januar to end of March, I was let's say a sort of an "apprentice" at the computer company Nevron (as a required part of the study of Informatics), and because at the moment there is not much to write about (i.e. and I have no spare time to "waste"), I am just posting a link to my seminar paper for the subject "Terminology in foreign languages" titled The report on work at Nevron company (hosted at Dropbox). Visitors from Slovenia (or anyone who can read/understand Slovene) can also visit my somehow related Zivljenje in dogajanje v zadnjih 2-3 mesecih (in which there's a link to another seminar paper titled Organizacijska kultura v podjetju) blog-entry on my slovenian blog.

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