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My referrals, affiliates

As first, here is a list of those few (8 to be precise) referral and/or affiliate links to online accounts or services where I am a member. I'll start with Fubar Invite Link, continue with TrafficSwarm Referral URL and writingUp Refering Link, then there is Spread Firefox Affiliate Link (the alternative: Spread Firefox Firefox 2), which is used as a badge to promote Firefox browser, and finally there're FreeViral Affiliate Link, Hits2u Affiliate Link, and Ax.wbasi Referral Link, which are some old affiliate websites that I signed-up on. The phrase "referral links" means that if you sign-up to any of these sites through these links, you will give me some points (or whatever) or you'll become a member of my so-called "downline", of course, it all depends on how the respective referral/affiliate system works. To be honest, I have not gained a singe person in all these years through these links, so there is little point in having them listed here.

Then further, the websites with which I do a direct "traffic exchange", so here is the list. Starting with Alternative Browser Alliance, Dave's Computer Tips, LangaList Home Page, The Missions Network, and finisihing with, which is not really part of this (a long story). However, please note that this applies to my main website though (i.e. the traffic exchange thing, please read on), and also note that these links are listed also on page intro under the "GENERAL SITE INTRO AND AFFILIATES" section/paragraph on my computing related website (I strongly recommend you to check the mentioned page too, since it describes all this more thoroughly, and also it lists direct links to pages where a link to my website is placed/located), which is as mentioned above my main computing related website.

Although note that my websites are of course linked to on numerous other websites too, while here on this page I of course haven't included links to pages with various search results (I do not mean from search engines though, but let's say "internal" results from web-portals and such), just not in such a reciprocal/mutual way as the ones in the above two paragraphs. Oh and yes, if you want to you can also check these three blog-entries titled Lista z nekaj backlinki do mojega bloga itd., O blogroli na temle mojem Sopca blogu, and Partnerji od moje glavne PC domace strani on my main slovenian blog (although it's in slovenian language, you might understand at least some if not most of it), which are somehow related to what this particular page is all about. By the way, they're all listed (i.e. the links above this sentence) in order of date that they were posted; from the youngest (the first one) to the oldest (the last one).

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