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    My Computing

My computing generally

As already mentioned elsewhere on this website, I've become a very keen self-taught computing amateur (mostly via "trial and error") throughout the last five or six years, although my knowledge is quite wide, i.e. it includes the basic programming and even advanced programming/scripting skills in some cases, then knowing how to change various detailed computer's configuration settings, how to cope with various computer glitches and errors, and so on. Then I am also totally obsessed (obsessions don't require a rational explanation or are even against the reality) with everything automation and optimization related; be it an automation of some task or operation (like defragmenting of a hard-disk, backing-up of important files/directories etc.), optimization of computer's/program's settings, or simply using batch-files to make some annoying and repetitive task (or bunch of tasks) to perform efficiently and finish faster.

But I soon noticed that rather than in programming, I am more interested in the OS itself and its usage in general. Like for example useful things I can do to help my computer, i.e. to make it faster, more stable and so on. In one sentence I could say that my "mission" is to make the use of my computer easier and more reasonable, as well as faster and more efficient. For similar pages on this website please browse over to page "my articles", and page "my principles". Also, I came to the conclusion that in the world of programming, more or less everything is already done; meaning that there is a freeware program out there for almost anything one might want to do, and so I rather prefer to explore these, ehm, let's say "already made" things (or in other words, "already invented" stuff), such as the behaviour of these programs etc.

So to summarize: for the past five or so years I am in general interested in various computing concepts (in other words, how things work), while this includes observing the OS's behaviour, mainly with Filemon (i.e. writing to/opening/closing files etc.), and especially with Process Explorer (the handle and DLL views/panes are particularly useful) program from Sysinternals, in customizing the OS, and finding its limits and capabilities, then further, having the basic programming/scripting skills and so forth. This surely includes also a knowledge on how to cope with various errors, how to change various computer's settings (undocumented/optional parameters under various headers in OS's or programs' .ini files, the various usages of environment variables, but mainly numerous registry hacks), therefore as the most important thing, increasing the speed and stability of the computer.

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