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09.08.2008 ... Nothing new on the website during the last news-entry below, but because there are two months since I wrote that one I thought I should write something; it's good for SEO purposes to update a website from time to time after all. So regarding those few changes to the website's code that I did make: as fist I've changed the meta http-equiv "expires" element from "Sat, 31 May 2008 23:59:59 GMT" to "Wed, 31 December 2008 23:59:59 GMT" because from May there're three months that have passed-by (I noticed this just a few minutes ago), and secondly I've removed the AdSense Referrals code (because this part/feature of the AdSense program was discontinued in the mean time), and replaced it with the third "Link Unit". And finally, as usual I was relatively reguraly posting blog entries on my main slovenian blog on Sopca.

03.06.2008 ... My dear visitors, I need to say one more time that there's nothing new on the site (i.e. no new page or new content added, well, except this news-entry that you're reading right now), I need to inform you though that the PR of both variants of this site has risen for 1 point. And that's all simply because of I have many other "real life" things to do/attend lately. Therefore I will just mention that (in regards to Internet) I have found time to post a blog entry from time to time on my main slovenian blog, you know, that's the one entitled Tadej: spletne objave on Sopca community of bloggers (for a bit more about my other blogs please click over to "my blogs" page), and as usual I've been visiting Facebook on a daily-basis, posting on Ars OpenForum forum, and also edited a few pages on Wikipedia (also on its slovenian variant); by the way, here is a link to my user-page: User:Wayfarer there.

05.04.2008 ... And once again there weren't any "radical" changes made to the website (i.e. there's nothing special to "report") on this/today's update, well except maybe I should mention that I added My Fubar Invite Link to the "referrals" page, and secondly, I guess I should also mention that I've put a few more important links (throughout the whole website) between the <strong> tags. So since there is nothing else worth mentioning, I will only take a chance and first link to an entry titled Moj Sopca blog, moja spletna mesta in IA-WM entry (which in fact is somehow related to this website too), and to an entry titled Dodatek: moj blog in pomanjkanje obiska (which has become very "pupular", i.e. it has more than 130 comments at the time of writing this); both entries are residing on my "Sopca" blog which I write in the slovenian language.

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