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    The News

The various related news

24.11.2007 ... In the update on this date I created a completely new "referrals.html" page in which I list my various affiliate and/or referral links, then the websites with which I do a direct "traffic exchange" etc. And also, as a result of suggestions in the A strange problem/situation with some particular form I thread that I opened on "Digital Point" forum, I changed the code of buttons in a row/line above (each has its own function, like for instance to open a search and contact pages) on each separate page so that now it looks like this: "<a href="#" onclick="" instead of this: "<input type="image" src=..." as it was before. Well, to be completely honest with you folks, I am actually even not sure why I have used the old code (particularly the way I have) in the first place since it wasn't even the correct way to use it.

05.11.2007 ... As first in today's news item I will mention a complete redesign of the whole website (if you are maybe interested please check out the page "index-old.html" for how the old one looked), that I made already on 28.10.2007, but then I decided to "merge" these two last news items. Well, although I wrote "a complete redesign", it's true that I mostly made changes only to colours and links, which was all done with a few changed/modified characters in my two .css files. And in this site-wide update I also modified my two .css files (see this one here: sheet1.css for example) so that now all the links contained on the website are bigger by one pixel than the normal content/text (i.e. common text/non-links) compare to before when they were smaller, therefore now even this tiny aspect of my website is not against standards anymore.

17.10.2007 ... Well, as a result of the suggestion made by user "Dan Schulz" in a thread on "Digital Point" forum titled A contact form that doesn't use an e-mail client that I opened recently (see this particular post), I've created a new slovenian variant of this same website on the AWARDSPACE.COM free-host in less than one or two hours. For more details on a few dilemmas I had see the Moji strani sem dodal se slovensko varianto entry on my "Sopca" blog, specifically, I needed to decide exactly how to implement it, i.e. whether to create it on an already existing free-host (two options: under the same "root" directory, or under the "/slo/" sub-directory), or to create it on a new free-host. While I also needed to decide what parts to translate, i.e. to change the "<title>" element, "description/keywords", and other meta/non-meta stuff or not, and so on.

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