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08.11.2008 ... This time there's nothing new worth mentioning on this english website variant, although note that I update the website (i.e. minor fixes and other changes to the code) pretty much all the time, however, I am not writing a news-entry each and every time when I do that, so during the last news-entry I did made some minor changes. Therefore I am letting you know that today I made quite drastic change to the slovenian variant (for its link see the previous news-entry below), I renamed multiple pages, namely I changed "linkanje.html" to "povezave.html", "o-meni.html" and "o-strani.html" to "glede-mene.html" and "glede-strani.html", and finally "novice.html" to "novosti.html" (and of course, it was same with "novice-staro-1.html" that I renamed to "novosti-staro-1.html"), all this for the reason that now that variant (i.e. the lenght of words/pages) is more similar to this one.

26.10.2008 ... Nothing that important, but I thought I should mention it anyway. Beside moving the "bookmark:" with an icon thing below each page's title (that's the one in <h1> heading element) back to the row of buttons above where it already was back then, I also finally figured out how to make the "Element Properties" window (see, the thing is that "<meta name="language"...", "<meta http-equiv="content-language"...", and "<meta http-equiv="language"..." all already had "...content="sl" />" value) that pops-up if you right-click on the page (I mean to click on some general area and not some specific element like an image, or a link) to show "Text language: Slovenian" instead of "Text language: English" on the slovenian Tadej Peršič stran variant of this same website. All that was needed to be done was to change <html xml:lang="en" lang="en" /> to <html xml:lang="sl" lang="sl" />, and that was it.

06.10.2008 ... A new news-entry following the last one just after a four days, but I simply must post it because I've changed so many things on the website during these four days. To be more precise, I changed the overall layout quite a bit, namely, I changed the "bookmark" button's position, removed the note about the favicon file (and other icons) that I use, about the site being powered by XHTML and CSS, and about site being best viewed in standards-compliant browser and at screen-resolution 1280x1024, from the bottom of every page, and placed it (not the whole text though, just a bit modified part of it) onto the all pages' top, while to the bottom (not to the exactly the same place) I added another new note also containing parts of the original note's text. And secondly, I removed some unrelated text from the page "about site", and added new text and links (related to web standards) instead.

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