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19.03.2009 ... This time there's nothing to mention regarding this website, but I am writing a news-entry anyway; you see, after that friend's spare computer (see previous news-entry) was laying around for a week or so, I am now finally using it. It's a computer with AMD Athlon XP2000+ Palomino core and Asus A7V266-C motherboard (my old computer had Intel Celeron-S C3 Tualatin CPU on DFI CA64-TC/TN mobo), with ATI Radeon 9600 graphic-card (with 128 MB of its own RAM compare to my old nVidia GeForce4 MX 440 with only 64 MB), and with PC2100 DDR SDRAM and not PC133 SDRAM as in case of my old PC (and 768 MB instead of 512 MB) so the memory operations are much faster now, and also, now I finally have a PC with two separate hard-disks. Also see the latest two blog-entries Trije danasnji uspehi v zvezi z mojim PC-jem and Uspeh: moj nov PC je delujoc in uporaben on my slovenian blog.

27.02.2009 ... Today I will mention two things that are not related to this website, but are very important anyway. As first, I completely re-designed my main computing related website's "index" page (for the old design/layout see the "index old design" page) so that now it contains much more detailed descriptions of all the website's pages or sections, as I call them now. And secondly, I finally got that friend's spare computer (with AMD's CPU, and with an ATI Radeon graphic-card) so that now I won't need to be afraid of those annoying computer restarts anymore. I mentioned the both these things on the "events14" page (in the events-entry dated "25.02.2009"), while I posted the blog-entry titled Koncno sem dobil tisti prijateljev PC regarding this new computer (well, it's not new in the original meaning of the word "new") on my main slovenian blog.

12.01.2009 ... I am glad to finally post the very first news-entry in the year 2009. As I mentioned in the previous news-entry from 29.12.2008 (regarding the meta http-equiv "expires" element that I understood completely wrong) I need to correct myself. You see, that sentence that was mentioning the change of "expires" meta http-equiv element (from "Wed, 31 December 2008 23:59:59 GMT" to "Thu, 31 December 2009 23:59:59 GMT") was meaningless since I was getting the purpuse of the mentioned meta element completely wrong. See the META http-equiv expires (the full title is "HTML tag reference guide - <META http-equiv expires>") page on "HTML Reference" website for the explanation of it (i.e. what this meta element actually means and for what purpose it is used), and you will see why I wrote that that sentence was meaningless.

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