Tadej Persic
Cesta 27. aprila 5, 1000 Ljubljana

My computing knowledge

A bit more about my computing knowledge

About my knowledge in general

Although I am "self-taught" computing geek (or better yet, I was, see below!), I can say that my computing related knowledge is quote widespread (I mean that I know how computers work in details); for the last approx. eight years I was especially interested in principles on how computers work, i.e. how processes work, how file-system works, how to make computer and programs run faster in general (Microsoft's, as well as others), meaning changing config. settings, optimization of work, avtomatization of repeating tasks (with the use of batch-processing and in scripting languages, e.g. Vscript) etc. Mostly I was using Windows 98 SE and Windows XP Pro, however I was working also in command-line version of Linux (named Slackware/Zipslack)

About various activities

I am also participating on some of the forums on the web (almost exclusively english ones), where I gained even more knowledge. I am also good at (and this kind of work pleases me) at coping with various problems (software and hardware) and finding the causes for them, and because of that my friends call me for help very often when they have problems with their computers.

About visiting lectures

In the summer in year 2009 I was attending one-month ECDL course (7 modules, of which one modul is the usage of Word, one of Access, one of Excel, one of Powerpoint etc.) and on the end I succesfully passed the exam (4 of 7 modules with 100%, the others with more than 95%).

About the study of Informatics

At the moment (2011) I am still a sort of a student of Informatics at TSC Kranj - VSS (i.e. I have an official status as student), and although I've already finished the 2-year course I still need to pass one exam (Programming) from the 1st grade; I am confident though that I will graduate soon, possibly before the end of this school year. Because I am officially a student I am therefore (again "officially") unemployed, but of course I do other part-time work such as repairing my friends' (and friends' friends etc.) computers, translating mostly computing-related texts from Slovenian to English and similar.

About programming knowledge

I also know how to program (especially in web development languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a little bit also in PHP), while also I have my own blog and a few websites (valid by W3C standards, which I've designed/coded myself, so without the help of templates or with FrontPage program), where I write about the themes related to computing.

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